Landlord says we won’t need an electrical inspection ?☝️ This is why they do!!

Posted by Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd on Tuesday, 10 December 2019


See our "Facebook Live Video" where the metal light switches are not earthed by the metal radiator next the switch is, meaning if you made the connection between the two you would have received 153 volts and the could be fatal 

Electrical current is like the danger of COVID -19 as it can hurt or kill you and it is unseen, so goes unnoticed until Testing takes place and as such is easy to ignore.  

The landlord of this property said he didn't need an inspection as the work was only done a few years ago, however, it was completed by an unregistered, unqualified, and put these tenants live in danger!

Please watch, like and share it, and remember in the words of The World Health Organisation (WHO) Test, Test, Test then we have a benchmark to build an action plan on