Fitting a New Oven

Have you brought and received a new cooker and need it fitting? or a company has been paid to install it however when they turn up, they say

Your installation is not how they expected it to be, or is unsafe for them to proceed?

Don't panic we hear this all the time and it is normal, not all electrics are installed the same. Many of them installed by kitchen fitting companies and not up to current regulations.

Old Storage Heaters

Economy Seven (E7) storage heating, using cheaper off-peak electricity, certainly sounds like a good idea. More recent heaters are a good idea – but some older installations may well be in urgent need of replacement.

Older storage heaters are typically coloured brown, take up unreasonable amounts of living space, and tend to look unsightly in almost any room – especially one that has recently been decorated! There is little you can do to improve their appearance – you can’t cover them with MDF radiator covers, and they can’t be painted.

Dimplex Duo-Heat Issues

Sorry to inform you this heater has been Discontinued by Dimplex and they no longer support or supply parts for the Duo Heat Storage Heater. Until a time they can find an overseas supplier of the circuit boards that often go within these heaters.  

Please see our easy to use Video on setting up of the night storage part of this heater Click Here

Why The Name T.A.C.K Electrical?

I sat and pondered one day....... What is the highest priority for my customers? 

Then I asked what my highest priority was, I mean why am I running this business? 

I love deep conversations and getting the nitty-gritty underneath the stock answeres we all give from time to time.

See this is my reason to, get up in the morning, to go to work, earn money and be the best version of myself.

Earth Bonding Warning Cards Left on Gas Meter, Check now?

When tradespeople come in to do emergency works and the customers are out or just not in at that time, gas companies will leave a card warning of the possibility of a dangerous situation you have without earth bonding. 

Many people because of this are left unaware and exposed to possible electrical shock conditions, 

Please now armed with this information use it to check for this when you go home and when you visit elderly parents or friends even or share this page with them.

What is Earthing & Bonding?

I only want a new socket! Why are you checking the earthing to my house? 

What a great question that we have been asked so many times and it comes from the rough traders out there that have given us all a bad name and many think we are making the job bigger than it needs to be, and this can not be further from the truth! See we needed to comply with a set of standard that change over time and we are checking to see what regulation standard your home was wired within, after all, we are there to make you electrically safer.