Old Board Testing

My aim here is to educate you on the hidden dangers of old-world fuse boards, fuse boxes, and show you how times have changed. 

The fuse box in this video was installed at around 1980, know if you hadn't upgraded your mobile phone since this time, just think "how technology has changed over the years". Truth is newer fuse boards are a lot safer the technology is now so advanced in 1980 call us today to discuss your well overdue upgrade. 

Fitting a New Oven

Have you brought and received a new cooker and need it fitting? or a company has been paid to install it however when they turn up, they say

Your installation is not how they expected it to be, or is unsafe for them to proceed?

Don't panic we hear this all the time and it is normal, not all electrics are installed the same. Many of them installed by kitchen fitting companies and not up to current regulations.

Old Storage Heaters

Economy Seven (E7) storage heating, using cheaper off-peak electricity, certainly sounds like a good idea. More recent heaters are a good idea – but some older installations may well be in urgent need of replacement.

Older storage heaters are typically coloured brown, take up unreasonable amounts of living space, and tend to look unsightly in almost any room – especially one that has recently been decorated! There is little you can do to improve their appearance – you can’t cover them with MDF radiator covers, and they can’t be painted.

How To protect Yourselves Against Rogue Electricians

Grab a coffee and join me for a 7 Minute chat, see how Corona-virus and your electrics completed by a rogue electrician have got in common?

Plus how to protect yourself today! Lives will be saved with information like this out here, seriously!

This is "Me" Down to earth, speaking from the heart about something that is very important to me... Your safety against rogue electricians or so-called electricians.


Dimplex Duo-Heat Issues

Sorry to inform you this heater has been Discontinued by Dimplex and they no longer support or supply parts for the Duo Heat Storage Heater. Until a time they can find an overseas supplier of the circuit boards that often go within these heaters.  

Please see our easy to use Video on setting up of the night storage part of this heater Click Here

Remove The Plug Wiring Card!

This information they give us on how the plug is wired is very nice, however, if you leave the card on the plug it can cause issues its self.

In the kitchen, it can hold moisture against the electrical socket or if on an extension lead or kettle that makes the plug hot in normal operation this card is not as heat rated as the wall socket or plug is manufactured to