Fuse-box upgrades

You can't do enough for a great customer! This customer moved from our service area to Seaford and they had been part of our customer family community for many years and wouldn’t use anybody else!

I hear this from the majority of our customers and it is amazing to build a business where the customers feel like part of the team.

We are always listening to you guys and adjusting ourselves to meet you where you are.

This was an old Fuse-board replacement from an old Rewire-able type to the new wiring regulation RCBO type that monitors all the cables connected, looking for possible issues. If a fault occurs it can trip off within 19 millionths of a second Compare to the old one which would be five whole seconds 🫣

I look at these as the heart of your electrical system, once you upgrade this part It in turn makes everything a little more safer!

And safer for customers on what we’re after, In a world that says “if it works then leave it”

I often say to people that in 1976 a car would not have rear seat belts or head restraints or even ABS (you would’ve had to use cadence braking)😯

Move forward into 2022 and cars are a lot more safer for now days! With a modern technology that provide safety. This is exactly the same as a modern fuse box designed with you and your family in mind.

If you have an old fuse box, why delay it? Contact your local electrician in Loughton today!