Old Storage Heater

Economy Seven (E7) storage heating, using cheaper off-peak electricity, certainly sounds like a good idea. More recent heaters are a good idea – but some older installations may well be in urgent need of replacement.

Older storage heaters are typically coloured brown, take up unreasonable amounts of living space, and tend to look unsightly in almost any room – especially one that has recently been decorated! There is little you can do to improve their appearance – you can’t cover them with MDF radiator covers, and they can’t be painted.

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More importantly, the older these heaters get, the more of the money they waste – every day, day in and day out. It takes a huge amount of energy to heat the steel brick inside them. Worse yet, this heat is very quickly lost, and all too often these heaters are barely warm when you most need them to be hot. The element in the one shown here is overheating – notice the marks above the heater. This is bad, but the worst effects can be prevented if the fault is discovered soon enough.

We’d like to save you money right away – so rather than wasting it on outdated storage heating like this, why not invest your hard-earned cash in a modern replacement? Choose from a range of new heaters that will warm up your room at half the cost of your old one. They’ll look better, too!

Old heater loughtonbroken storage heater loughton

After Upgraded storage heater loughton
Upgraded Storage Heater Loughton