Earth bonding is simply a wire that connects your incoming Gas and Water services with the fuse board and this, in turn, protects you in the event of a pipe inadvertently becoming live under the floorboards or in an unknown location.  

Earthing bonding Picture

Earth Bonding Warning Cards Left on Gas Meter, Check now?

When tradespeople come in to do emergency works and the customers are out or just not in at that time, gas companies will leave a card warning of the possibility of a dangerous situation you have without earth bonding. 

Many people because of this are left unaware and exposed to possible electrical shock conditions, 

Please now armed with this information use it to check for this when you go home and when you visit elderly parents or friends even or share this page with them.

What is Earthing & Bonding?

I only want a new socket! Why are you checking the earthing to my house? 

What a great question that we have been asked so many times and it comes from the rough traders out there that have given us all a bad name and many think we are making the job bigger than it needs to be, and this can not be further from the truth! See we needed to comply with a set of standard that change over time and we are checking to see what regulation standard your home was wired within, after all, we are there to make you electrically safer.