Family is what its all about, Meet mine.

I sat and pondered one day....... What is the highest priority for my customers? 

Then I asked what my highest priority was, I mean why am I running this business? 

I love deep conversations and getting the nitty-gritty underneath the stock answeres we all give from time to time.

See this is my reason to, get up in the morning, to go to work, earn money and be the best version of myself.

I named our business so I will never forget "my reason I started this" and the high standards that follow every customer interaction and touchpoints as we work together to bring about changes to the electrical safety to you and your family and this is were our highest priorities cross paths.  


Meet my family seen in the photo above holding their letters.

Toni My wife and our littlest son Jack (We applied the curley part to our logo to look like the a J on the bottom of the T

Aaron my second eldest son 

Charlie my middle son

Karl  That's me the colourful one